This Tamil song describes the human race as one that has had to fall many times only to rise again, no matter how hard or farther down we have fallen. This warrior spirit manifests in us – through our personal life and as one that makes a humanity.

Nee Dha Poraali - Single Release

Nee Dha Poraali takes the listener whirl-winding through a warrior’s mindset that drives how the warrior sees and perceives life’s hardships… emerging from these pitfalls each and every time is what makes humanity characterized by a better version of oneself.

The song visually will feature frontline warriors, our heroes who by responding to the call of duty during these challenging situations inspire us and command our gratefulness and appreciation. The urge to keep the fight on for a better future even if it most certainly means confronting challenges and take some falls along the way with the constant hope enlivened by the urge to help and rescue humanity.


A lot of information around the handling of the pandemic and its effects on humanity has been talked about. These testing times have brought down the morale of the people.

Idea & Concept

Our Team created a single release song centered on the fighting spirit and resilience through which we attempt to direct our gratefulness towards especially the warriors within each one of us in this time of unprecedented challenge of pandemic.


People in Tamil Nadu look at and listen to this song with a sense of hope &  fighting spirit.
Brands associated with this song will improve their recall value amongst all the people searching for something around Covid-19 / pandemic